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Window Displays

Believe it or not, window displays or window signs are nothing less than billboards for your store. They have the potential to make or break a potential client’s will to enter or not to enter your store. A creative and updated window display can greatly improve your brand’s image, bring in more clients, promote your products and services in a cost-efficient manner, increase your sales and may even reward you with customer loyalty. If you must know, half of all customers decide on impulse whether to buy a product or not. This means that 50% of all the decisions a customer makes while shopping hadn’t even crossed his mind before.

Window Display

Display Accessories

Window Display Accessories

In order to sell your brand, you need to get their attention and you can do so with innovative window displays that force them to step inside your shop and make a purchase. Whether in a mall, building or on the side of the road, when people view your stores through your windows, you have a massive opportunity to influence their decision; you can make them purchase from you rather than from someone else. Once you get them to enter your store using alluring, color, lighting, interactivity, movement, signage and displays, there is no going back.

Fortuna Visual Group is here to help you design, fabricate and install your eye-catching window displays to attract customers and increase your sales.

How do we do it?

We fabricate for you:

At Fortuna Visual Group, we do all our work at home. We treat all our projects with utmost care and continue striving for the best until we are sure we have achieved it. To fabricate your ideas, we have a team of expert fabricators who know what they are doing and know their way around vinyl on all surfaces. We understand that when it comes to laminating, printing and laying color digital graphics, you deserve only the best. Our expertise on matters of resolution, file preparation and color management are the reason that we have always received a satisfied smile from all our clients.

We design them for you:

There are many companies who don’t know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to window displays. No worries there as we offer a wide range of designs to choose from, that can be customized on order. This reliance of our clients on our expertise is nothing more than respect and reputation that we have earned over the last ten years in sign business. As we take on the job to design a window display fit for your business, we ensure that it is the truest representation of your business and stands out in creativity and charm. We have in house designers who are masters of turning ordinary designs into extraordinary – the result is a colorful graphic all set to mesmerize the customers once installed.

We install them for you:

And yes, of course, how can we leave you in the middle like that? We also make sure that your newly fabricated and designed graphics get installed properly. Fortuna Visual Group is always set to skillfully install any type of sign, thanks to years of training and expertise. When working with us, you can trust that your window displays will be installed properly and will soon be the talk of the town.

Lastly, we offer some beautiful accessories to accent any displays you may have.


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