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Trade Show Exhibits

Well-crafted and properly installed exhibit displays help sell your business or interest by drawing the eye and focusing the brain on your message and brand. They instantly create the aura and image you want to project. Let us help you with your next event.

Trade Show Exhibit

Trade Show Booth Display
A trade show booth display can work wonders for making connections and landing new clients. It is essential that your exhibit is attractive and draws potential customers in. Let us show you how to make a great first impression with attention-grabbing booths, stands and banners.

From simple pop-up stands to island and inline modular exhibits, you can rely on us to put your best face forward and impress attendees at large events. Our designs can be customized with lighting, sound, seating, display cases and material storage.

At a trade show, first impressions are critical. You can be bypassed simply because your exhibit is not eye-catching. People will always see you before they ever decide to talk to you – so your booth setup and signage is almost more important than what you have to say. It is like wearing the right clothes and having slick collateral material: If it looks good, it attracts. We have 25 years of experience in creating quality signage and displays. Let us show you how we can work for you.

For most industries, a quality trade show booth display can make all the difference when it comes to visibility and branding. At any show, you are surrounded by a mass of competition for the attention of attendees. The look and presentation of your stand is the most important factor in making people notice and approach you.

We provide exhibit systems that get noticed, are durable and meet your unique needs. We understand your booth is the first thing people will notice about your business or organization when they are looking up and down the aisles of a show – think of it as the face of your business. Everything from the quality of the logo to the design of the display to the lighting has a vast impact on how effectively you attract traffic to your booth – and ultimately expand your business or cause.

Trade show booth displays are your best opportunity to enhance your organization’s branding, image and purpose. Your booth represents you – and you want to be sure to put the best face you can in front of the public. Just think of the displays you see at trade shows and other events. You will see displays that run the gamut from well-lit, professional quality work to boring or amateurish signs. Chances are, the subpar presentations are the result of a company which cut corners and went with a cheap printing company that simply did not have the knowledge, skill or equipment to produce quality signage.

A trade show booth display is designed to be used temporarily but it can be used over and over and it is highly transportable. It is an excellent investment if you attend many fairs, trade shows and other large business related events. The key is to invest in quality – it will project the right image and make you stand out from the rest. It is critical to hire the best, and we rest our reputation on providing the highest quality materials and images for any budget.

When you invest in your exhibit, hire a company with experience and resources. Check out our portfolio and let us present you with you samples of our work. You will be impressed with the possibilities.

We offer many creative solutions, large scale image reproduction, banners, logos and modular design that can be customized for any job.

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