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Swing and Blade Signs

It’s no secret for any business owner that one of the best ways to attract people from the street to your shop or café is to catch their eyes with something unique and unusual. Hanging business signs will complete this task just splendidly. At Fortuna Visual Group we can provide you with any custom hanging sign in NYC you may want! We know how important this is, which is why we always give you a variety of options presented by our team of professionals. If you want to have a really unique blade sign or swing sign – contact us!

First Things First – What Is a Blade Sign?

In a nutshell, a sign which is attached to the façade, or pole, or your storefront strictly perpendicular to the traffic flow is called a blade sign. Such placement makes it almost impossible for people to miss this hanging outdoor sign, which is why these signs are considered to be extremely useful when it comes to attracting people.

And What Is a Swing Sign?

The only difference between a blade sign and a swing sign is the way the sign is attached. While the blade sign just hangs on a pole, the swing sign represents a poster holder or a graphic panel that is fixed to the hinges on the frame. The construction allows the swing sign to move in the windy environment, making it the perfect eye-catcher.

Monument or pole signs

Once Again, What Are the Main Difference Between Hanging Business Signs?

To sum up and to be perfectly clear on custom hanging signs, blade signs generally hang down on a pole horizontally. The pole is attached to another vertical pole, or to the wall, or to the storefront. Swing signs usually have static poles or bars, and the poster is – surprise – free to swing.

If you feel that you would like to create your own custom outdoor hanging sign, Fortuna Visual Group is always happy to answer all of your questions or help you out with a quote.

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Types of Hanging Business Signs

There truly are a lot of different types of custom outdoor hanging signs in New York including round blade sign, wood blade sign, illuminated blade sign, custom metal hanging signs, exterior hanging signs, swing sign, restroom blade signs, swinging shop signs, blade exit signs, and many more! Let’s take a closer look at the most popular signage types:

  • Round blade sign. Standard blade sign with a round form
  • Wood blade sign. Such custom outdoor hanging signs are specifically made of wood, which creates an absolutely unique look.
  • Illuminated blade sign. One of the most beautiful types of hanging business signs; as the contour of the sign, or the letters, or logo is illuminated by LED lamps.
  • Swinging shop signs. Somewhat like the combination of a blade sign and a swing sign, it is attached to a horizontal pole, but the sign itself is fixed to the hinges. Wind can make the sign swing, drawing more attention, and creating more of a mysterious look.

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The List of Materials We Provide for Your Custom Outdoor Hanging Sign

  • Aluminum – aluminum hanging signs can be seen around a lot. The reason is quite simple – it’s cheap, convenient, and, most importantly, it works. We provide you with five thicknesses to choose from, according to your wishes, location, climate, or installation location. Any geometric shape is possible!
  • Brass bronze – if you want your custom outdoor hanging sign to be polished like a mirror, then brass bronze is your choice! Plus, over time, bronze will give you a bit of natural green patina realness.
  • Copper – copper-made outdoor hanging signs are fancy, relatively cheap, and they deal with the task of drawing attention just fine!
  • Stainless steel – also quite a popular choice, as it is very durable and reliable. Plus, steel will always be trendy.
  • Acrylic – an acrylic hanging business sign creates a smooth and modern look for your company. You can create your own, absolutely unique acrylic signage. Size, color, shape, style – we will help you at each stage.

Finishes We Offer to Improve the Design

  • Black
  • Clear
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Oxidized brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Patina
  • Rusted steel
  • Brushed or polished aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel

If you want to see all of the types of hanging business signs we offer and materials, visit our shop in Brooklyn, NY! We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide information about design possibilities.

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