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Restaurant Enclosures and Partitions

Not many businesses understand the importance of a good and welcoming entrance in setting the mood of your customers, but if you are on this page looking for some great restaurant enclosures, we believe you have an eye for the little details. It is these little details that help businesses become big and trusted brands climb the ladder of success and move ahead of their competitors. We, at Fortuna Visual Groups understand your needs and have the best solutions to give your restaurant and sidewalk cafes a more inviting look.

Restaraunt Partitions

Restaraunt Partitions

Restaraunt Enclosures

Restaraunt Enclosures

partitions and enclosures are a great way to preserve and protect your outdoor and indoor seating areas, allowing customers to have their own little private cabins with appropriate and ideally placed restaurant partition screens. Nobody likes to be stared at when they are having their food and worse if those stares come from the people walking on the streets. When placed outside to form a boundary wall to offer more privacy to customers enjoying food outside on the sidewalk, they also save you and your food from rain, storms and sand.

If you have ever been to a restaurant with an outdoor seating with proper enclosures and partition installed, you know how comfortable and relaxing it feels consuming your meal in fresh air among the privacy of your friends and family. Today, restaurant owners and waiters have realized their importance as they introduce expansion to serve more customers, thus generating more profits and also giving an empty space a lively and vibrant look; all thanks to the colorful and vibrant designs.  

But does your restaurant REALLY NEEDS ONE? To know that, an overview of the benefits and advantages it promises needs to be in order. We say you have one, and we have pretty good reasons as to why:  

  • Restaurant enclosures announce your entryway
  • Allows you to extend the seasonal use of your space
  • Helps to protect your walkways from slip and fall accidents
  • Resistant to the elements and adds comfort for your patrons
  • Reduces Energy Costs by keeping your heating or cooling in your main building
  • Windbreaks and side panels further protect clients
  • Smoking enclosures complement many office policies

Additionally, we also offer custom enclosures and partitions for any place. So if you have your own graphics in mind that you want printed or fabricated, let us know and we will be happy to get them ready for you. Moreover, we also offer installation services to ensure that a job well done is accomplished which is our foremost priority.

In order to get in touch with us, simply leave a quote if you are interested and we will be in touch with you promptly. You can also visit any of our two offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn to have a live chat with us and hear from us our most successful stories.

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