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Printed Vinyl

Printed Vinyl is one of the best tools available for designers these days. Fortuna Visual Group ensures that your creative fantasies become a reality and your visions for your business can be seen by everyone. Vinyl has many advantages over other types of design materials. It can deliver a lot of different combinations and styles at a fraction of a cost. The biggest advantage of printed vinyl is that it allows you to quickly change the whole look of a thing.

Vinyl Printing

Why Printed Vinyl is King

Designers and creative people love vinyl because of the possibilities it opens up. The biggest advantage of printed vinyl is that it allows you to quickly change the whole look of a thing. Tired of how your car looks? Get some car wrap vinyl and change its color without damaging the original paint in anyway. It even protects paint and when removed the car looks brand new.

Want to change the look of a wall? Paste a printed vinyl on the wall without any paint required. Vinyl is also excellent for temporary designs. If you want to keep changing the look of your business in order to keep it looking new and exciting, you can use removable vinyl over and over without damaging your walls or any other surfaces!

Types of Vinyl

Here at Fortuna Visual Group, we want to make sure that the design you have in mind can be turned into a reality. We make it possible by providing you with all the types of vinyl you can need. We have:

  • Temporary vinyl – For when you want to put up a temporary display
  • Removable vinyl – For when you want to change the design again and again
  • Wall film – Change the whole look of a wall!
  • Air egress vinyl – Special technology which prevents bubbles from forming below the vinyl
  • Cast vinyl – For when you need vinyl that easily covers curves and lasts long
  • Calendared vinyl – For when you need vinyl for straight surfaces and temporary installations
  • Block out vinyl – For controlling the amount of light entering a place
  • Clear vinyl – For a transparent look
  • Static cling – Vinyl that sticks to many different surfaces
  • Polypropylene – For a long lasting impression
  • Perforated vinyl – For one way visibility on windows
  • Car wrap vinyl – Perfect for advertising by changing the look of your car

What we can do for you on Vinyl

We bring your design to life by using the best print technology and materials. Depending on your requirements, we can cut out the design from colored vinyl, we can print the design on the vinyl, and we can even contour the vinyl as per your needs. Whatever you imagine, we can get it ready for you on printed vinyl.

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