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Pylon Signs

The best way to quickly draw a lot of attention from anyone, who is just passing by, is to set a pylon sign in the way. Whether for a gas station, motel, fancy restaurant, family shop, or even mall – Fortuna Signs, a pylon sign company in NYC, will create the best pylon sign design exactly for you. Let your clients notice you from afar!

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But first things first – what is a pylon sign (also called just pole sign or freestanding sign)? Basically, it is a large and tall sign placed on poles. Business owners install them on their property, so drivers on the road can see this big lighted sign from a distance. It allows motorists to decide whether or not they want to slow down and visit the location.

The look of the pylon sign can differ in accordance with the number of businesses placed on it. For example, if a sign promotes only one company, then there will be one large, bright box that displays your company’s name and logo to potential customers passing by. On the contrary, a pylon sign board, let’s say, at the mall, where there are many different shops, will feature more than one lightbox. Each shop owner has his name and logo placed there. This type of pylon signs makes it easier to promote various businesses at the same time. Or there could be a parking pylon sign, which just indicates where drivers should park and how much vacant space is left.

Monument or pole signs

Anyway, it is completely up to you what pylon sign design you decide you want. Our pylon sign company is always happy to answer your questions or help you out with a quote.

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Pylon Signs for Every Taste in New York City

Fortuna Signs provides four major signs types, including:

  • Original single-pole sign with your name and logo. A classic, simple, and quite cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd, and make your business unique. The perfect choice for those who want their sign to be as high as possible.
  • Double-pole sign, which is more stable and reliable for large applications. Although many business owners simply prefer this design.
  • Pylon signs, with the covered pole, are a great way to create something really unique! Let’s create the perfect cover for your sign that will conceal the structural pole.
  • Lightbox pylon signs for malls. Gigantic signs with dozens of lightboxes, placing names and logos of every shop in the mall.

That is not all a pylon sign company can offer you! Make your sign even better by adding the following features:

  • Make your sign visible at night by installing spotlights. You can place them on the ground and point them up, or just attach them to the sign.
  • Use light-emitting diodes – LED pylon signs. Fluorescent lamps will keep your sign shining bright at night, so everyone will notice it. Hotels, gas stations, and restaurants always use these kinds of signs to draw as much attention as possible to their business.
  • The most prestigious option of all – LED pylon signs with message boards. These can be used for various purposes, from promoting a new product line to writing a message to potential customers. The bright and moving pylon sign board is one of the best ways to make your sign stand out from the competition. These boards can be controlled via a computer that can change the contents at any time.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide information about design possibilities.

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Anyone Can Use Pylon Signs

Fortuna Signs, pylon signs company, is popular among many customers from absolutely different spheres:

  • Motels
  • Trade centers
  • Café and restaurants
  • Shops
  • Big business complexes
  • Gas stations
  • Truck stops

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are other names for pylon signs?

A: Along with being called pole signs and freestanding signs, people working in the sign industry tend to call them road or highway signs due to their most common locations.

Q: You claim that pylon signs are so effective. Why is there only a small number of them in the city?

A: Yes, we consider pylon signs a very useful promotional tool. However, they are indeed quite high, and may not fit in the city. Authorities understand that and usually give permission to place these types of tall signs either in industrial areas or near major highways. Nevertheless, pylon signs that don’t violate height regulations are still an option! They are also quite noticeable and useful. Contact us for more details.

Q: Monument signs vs. pylon signs – what’s the difference?

A: Monument signs are usually close to a human’s height, whereas pylon signs stand above everything.

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