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Large Format Printing

A large printing format can get your firm the large scale attention it deserves. If you need a convenient way to get noticed, let us can help you with a wide range of platforms, such as signs and banners, charts and presentation graphics, and oversized photos.

For all of your oversized-format printing needs, we offer unlimited possibilities and professional results. We maintain a state-of-the-art network of the latest large format printers, software, technology, inks, and experienced personnel to give you the ultimate range of choices for your project.

We are family owned and operated with more than 25 years of experience. We specialize in a full line of  architectural interior and exterior signage in various mediums, working with well-known galleries and companies. We are capable of working with almost any media and make any size to meet your needs and deadline. You can choose any size from 11×17-inch posters to installations from floor to ceiling. You can get almost all sizes in different materials. You also have the option to print on a variety of materials and then make it appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use. The possibilities are endless.

We have a number of large printing technologies available:

Banners and flags: Banners and flags are great for sporting events, sponsorships, tradeshows, competitions, pageants, and any other event where you need your company name big and bold.

Wall murals: Custom printed wallpaper allows you to create truly dramatic murals in your business or home. Your company lobby can have a floor-to-ceiling wall mural of your product. A themed restaurant can have a wall mural of old photos or scenery from France or China. A home can have custom wallpaper of your favorite art, a map of the mountains, or pictures of your kids.

Floor graphics: Large printing is more widely available than ever before. With the advent of grand-scale digital printers, we can easily create beautiful yet rugged vinyl floor coverings and custom carpets. These specialized graphics take advantage of all the capabilities of full-color oversized-format digital printing.

Duratrans and transparencies: Duratrans transparencies are intended for large format, full-color display of photographic content in a controlled, backlit environment, so that light passes through and illuminates and brightens the graphic display.

Photo reproduction: Our large printing services can serve you, whether you shoot film or digital, paint quiet landscapes or photograph rock concerts. Our prints offer the ultimate in digital photographic printing. Our knowledge of digital technology will give you a definite edge wherever you sell your work. High resolution photo reproduction as big as 5-feet wide and 100-feet long can be produced at 1200 DPI resolution directly from your digital files. In addition, we print on vinyl, clear polyester, backlit material, polypropylene, and many different photo papers.

Textile printing: Digital large printing is by far one of the most exciting developments in the textile industry. Not only does it open up endless opportunities for customization, small run, prototyping and experimentation but it also puts textiles within the budget of your average illustrator. You can reproduce unlimited colors and shades. We work with a variety of textile media such as canvas, cotton, silk, polyester, mesh materials. All materials and fabrics come with or without adhesive. Temporary and repositionable mounting adhesive is available.

With our large format capabilities, we pride ourselves on superb customer care, the latest technology, and fine quality. We strive to produce the most effective and professional signs for clients here in the New York area.

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