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Etched and Engraved Signs

The indicator of an aristocratic or successful business throughout time has been the ornamental engraved signs decorating the facade of the house or office. Engraved metal signs or engraved wood signs are a great way to keep a statuesque look for a long time and emphasize the professional nature of your business. If you want to personalize your company – try placing engraved name signs!

Our firm is engaged in the manufacturing of engraved signs in NYC which will look solid on any kind of a surface – concrete, plastic, tree or metal. Engraved signs are practical, easily fastened, and perform their main function – carrying certain information about the company, its head, or units. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide information about design possibilities. Get a free consultation now:

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Engraved Plastic Signs

Engraved plastic signs are available in bright, attractive designs. Plastic engraved signs are designed to decorate the exterior of an office or any other room. Applying images and text can be done either by direct UV printing or by applying self-adhesive films, and in the case of metalized plastic – by laser engraving.

Manufacturing of engraved plastic signs consists of special processing of special material. For the production, a special composite plastic is used. It is also called a two-layer or micro-laminated plastic. During processing, the top layer is removed with an engraver, exposing the base layer, so that an image or text is formed on the surface of the two-layer plastic.

Double-layer engraved plastic signs are most often used in the manufacture of company nameplates and operating modes. Plates made by engraving have a presentable appearance and will last for a long time. Custom engraved plastic signs are an excellent choice for those who like to stand out and show their uniqueness. Engraved plastic signs made by this method are beautiful, stylish, and durable. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Engraved Metal Signs

If you are thinking about placing custom etched signs in New York somewhere outdoors, engraved metal signs will be your best option. It will be not only rather cheap but also sustainable for any weather.

Manufacturing of engraved metal signs for office allows making rather inexpensive presentable tablets. Custom laser engraved metal signs are effective, strict, and durable. It is best to have aluminum for outdoor engraved signs.

Etched plaques/Engraved plaques/Directional plaques/ADA/Braille

Aluminum signs are resistant to mechanical stress, easy to wash and retain their original appearance for a long time.

Metal signs (as well as plastic engraved signs) also look great in offices and business centers. Custom laser engraved metal signs can be applied to color images, including full-color raster images, such as photo printing. You can also try engraved brass signs for a more sophisticated and unusual look. For example, engraved door signs made of metal will look serious and neat.

Engraved Wood Signs

Whatever your needs, we will reflect them in the creation of stylish, durable signs made of environmentally friendly material. Custom engraved wood signs will make your business more visible, and will also help the buyer to navigate the salesrooms.

Engraved wood signs, or etched wood signs, will be the perfect choice for a company producing hand-made goods or any environmental company. Beautiful custom engraved wood signs, made with soul, using the most advanced computer engraving technology, will be the ideal solution to bring a special atmosphere to your own brand, even in the smallest details. Personalized engraved wooden signs always look nice and never lose their stylistic relevance.

The image created by laser engraving on a tree looks very artful, and will not be erased in due course and will also not burn out on the sun.

Engraved wood outdoor signs will look playful and cheerful. Any engraved wood sign in your establishment, cafe, restaurant, pub, bar, shop, or bakery will look very original and stylish if you approach the process of their manufacture with enough creativity. Today’s technology in the production of various custom laser engraved wood signs will allow you to recreate the most daring and unusual things. It is believed that wood is not the best material for engraved door signs, but who knows – maybe for you, it will be the perfect decision! Fortuna Signs will find the best option for you – even if your requirements are not like any others’. Need a free consultation? Call us:

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Etched Glass Signs

One of the most widespread and widely used materials in the world of outdoor advertising material is acrylic or Plexiglas. Glass is the perfect material for engraved indoor signs. Thanks to its properties, glass is convenient to use for the production of all kinds of etched glass signs. Etched glass signs with internal illumination always look very bright and colorful. Beautiful, neat, and informative office signs made of Plexiglas, etched glass signs with illumination, will always look very expressive and stylish. Your brand will shine!


Engraved signs are a win-win option for small businesses as well as for huge corporations. Custom engraved signs always look neat, stylish, and non-banal – no matter if we’re talking about engraved stone signs or engraved wood signs for outdoors. Experienced specialists from our workshop will realize any of your ideas concerning custom etched signs, and laser engraved signs, or even simple engraved signs. We will gladly consult with you, as to whether it’s best to use plastic engraved signs in your case, or maybe, custom engraved wood signs are the best solution for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all the details:

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