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Duratrance and Transparencies

Duratrance and transparencies are another great way to advertise your brand with illuminated graphics. They have the ability to light up any light box with their vibrant colors and graphics. They are great for businesses that are trying to compete with their competitors in creative ways as they simply can’t miss the eyes of the customers. They are loud, colorful and attention grabbing, what more does a business want when they wish to promote aggressively?

Duratrance and Transparencies/Photo reproduction

Most commonly used as backdrops for stages, to promote movies in theatres, to promote products and services in high-end retail stores, museums, news and television studies and shopping malls, these illuminated boxes are a cost-efficient way to advertise. Their vibrancy and liveliness is what attracts most businesses and is also the reason why they opt for it. Transparencies and duratrance that we design and fabricate here have an ultra-absorbent layering in black color to allow the graphics pop out in full vivacity. Their ink absorption ability gives a color saturated visual as an end result.

They are also ideal for business when they are organizing tradeshow, exhibits, retail point of purchase, when they are showing photomurals prototypes etc. Using high-end technology, the crew of experts at Fortuna Visual group produces the highest quality of duratrances and transparencies with the clearest and sharpest black-lit images.

Special Features:

  • Impactful backlit displays
  • Durable gloss surface
  • Can be customized as per your specifications
  • Available in many sizes
  • Light boxes can also be purchased along

Installation Services

Duratrance and transparencies are delicate and hard to install. If you haven’t had any experience with them before we suggest taking help from experts. And who would know it better than us, as we have been in the business for quite some time with a team of highly professional and dedicated members. We will be happy to offer installation services at very reasonable pricing. Clearly, there will be no better pleasure than seeing our efforts pay off as soon as it comes to life and light up. Let us know and we will be on it ASAP!

Send us a Quote!

It is no secret that when you ask for more than one unit, the costs are substantially reduced. But that doesn’t mean you should have many if all you need is a single one. All our products and services priced comparatively lower than our competitors as we believe in offering more in less. We understand the importance of good customer relations and thus are ready to do all it takes to have them satisfied. The duratrance and transparencies offered at Fortuna Visual Group can be laminated, sliced, installed and customized the way you want it with additional accessories such as light boxes and display fixtures. Browse through our portfolio or tell us what you want by sending us a quote with your ideas and information and we will get in touch with you. You can also come see us at our office in Manhattan or Brooklyn or contact us via phone or email.

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