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Car Wraps

Automobile wraps are a bold, eye-catching form of advertising that has the rare advantage of being a one-time only cost. Unlike media ads that are paid for over and over, our brilliant ads turn a car, van or other vehicle into a mobile version of a slick magazine ad or rolling billboard. Regardless of the type of business you have, you can put your ad in front of the audience you are targeting just by being there. As specialists in vehicle wraps, Fortuna Visual Group offers a wide variety of car wraps for any type of business.

Car Wraps

Imagine this: Your driver calls in and says he is stuck in heavy traffic. Your response is, “Great!” – that is, if you have invested in car wrap advertising! Hundreds of motorists will also be stuck in the inevitable rush-hour log jam, staring at your company name, phone number and logo on a delivery van or fleet car. With vehicle wraps, all of Manhattan, NY will see your business!

Businesses that can benefit from a Fortuna Visual Group specialized vehicle wrap ad:

Restaurants – Automobile wraps let people know where you are, what you sell, and even show them how good it looks. They know you deliver to their neighborhood because that’s where they saw you. Make your vehicles the most easily recognized and well-known in the area.

National brands – A vehicle that sports your company’s popular logo or character with whatever message you wish to convey can be seen by thousands as the vehicles move from one promotion to the next. Parked by a distributor it is unquestionable that the distributor has a promotion going on featuring your brand.

Retail – Add wraps to your service vehicles or delivery vehicles and be noticed on the road to your next call or delivery. Stand out from the others that sport a screened logo or magnetic sign. Make a bold statement that says you are not just another merchant.

Paid promotional drivers – People will allow you to wrap their cars in return for a fee. Find the drivers that cover the area where you wish to be seen and pay them to carry your graphics. If they have an unusual vehicle all the better.

Sports teams – Wrap your team’s logo and mascot on a car or even the bus that you travel in. Let the other team, and the fans, know you have arrived.

New Products – Automobile wraps get your name out there in front of the world with a standout vehicle that no one will easily forget. Use the vehicles to hand out samples or promotional items.

Radio and TV Stations – People will follow you to the next place you are setting up a promotion when they spot your crazy call letters and name and mascot on the truck, car or van.

Bars, clubs and lounges – Your vehicle on a busy street in the nightlife district of the city, or vacation hot spot, will bring customers to the venue. You may even offer a free shuttle.

Bands – Your group and equipment can arrive in style and let people know about you and where you are at the same time. It is a great form of promotion for a group or even a solo act.

Automobile wraps make an unmistakably favorable impression and, in a commuter area like New York and Jersey, give you an excellent return on investment.

Many different types of businesses and promotions are taking advantage of this cost effective form of advertising. You can have a single delivery vehicle in a certain neighborhood and you will be seen by virtually every person in the area. If you have a well known name, it is a great way to keep it up front and in the face of your target crowd. This is why vehicle graphics are one of the fastest growing forms of advertising in the U.S. today.


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