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Architectural Signs

Businesses can greatly benefit from a well-thought-out architectural signage plan. You can incorporate your logo or any artwork into a custom architectural signage to make it truly memorable to your customers. Signage is a vital element of your business space, just as a logo is crucial for brand identity.

However, if you want real results, you need the best architectural signage manufacturers. That requires technical skills, a wide range of options, and a creative approach.

Fortuna Signs offers professional expertise and vast experience in designing, fabricating, and installing architectural signs. No matter what you have in mind – inventive architectural signage designs, crazy shapes, or fun materials – we’ll meet your request.

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What is Architectural Signage?

Architectural signs and symbols provide visual brand identification and a navigational system for a single building or a large multi-building campus. As an additional perk, they can serve as a decorative element. In fact, it is not uncommon to use architectural building signage to brighten the look of the entire space.

Channel letters

Architectural signage products include oversized graphics, channel letters, raised letters, accessibility signs, textured wall panels, digital displays, glass elements, etc. In reality, architectural signage design can take any form that you can imagine. As long as it conveys the right information in an aesthetically pleasing way, you’re good.

The best architectural signage is effortlessly integrated into the settings as if they were always there. Using a variety of materials can help you achieve that. Granted, different clients may prefer particular materials. But in general, the materials for architectural building signage is dictated by the location and its function.

Exterior Architectural Signage

In this oversaturated, competitive market, it’s really hard to make people pay attention. But your business needs to stand out from the rest. This is where architectural signs and symbols come into the picture. They add a touch of your company’s unique personality to the building’s exterior.
Here are some categories to consider for your outdoor signage:

  • Retail signs – when people walk past your store, it is a crucial moment that can be improved by architectural name signs. If they don’t notice it, it means the sign is poorly designed. Great signage can distinguish your business from competitors and create a lasting impression.
  • Monuments – these are freestanding architectural signage products that can be placed near the entrance of a building. However, you can also use monument signage to point towards the entrance, even if it’s not on the side of the road. Fortuna Signs make sure you attract customers while also complementing your surroundings.
  • Pylons – these structures help attract attention from afar thanks to the eye-catching fluorescent lamp illumination. The great news for you is that we will handle every part of the process – from permits to installation.
  • Exterior wayfinding – last but not least, exterior architectural signage welcomes and instructs visitors. It also communicates that they’ve arrived at their destination. Using the models of the communication process, we ensure the signage conveys the right message.

Draw customers’ eyes to your service or products with high-quality architectural name signs from Fortuna Signs. We will create an impressive sign design in NYC so that you can increase your sales.

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Interior Architectural Signs and Symbols

Interior signage can effectively communicate instructions around a building for visitors as well as staff members. Let’s say your customers were impressed by architectural name signs on the storefront. Now, it’s time to build on that and provide them with educational visual assistance.

Interior architectural signage includes but is not limited to:

  • Navigation – it is not easy for first-time visitors to find certain rooms or halls. You need to avoid confusion, which can even prompt some customers to leave. So, put up architectural signs and symbols indicating floors, room numbers, and how to get to certain parts of the building.
  • Directories – this term is very similar to wayfinding signage. However, this one is aimed predominantly at the identification of information. For example, architectural name signs can inform a visitor about a particular person or service.
  • Wall signs and lettering – once again, let’s not forget about improving brand recognition. Architectural name signs embed your company and its logo into the minds of visitors and customers. Subsequently, brand awareness will directly impact your sales rates and your business’s prosperity.
  • Healthcare facilities – directional architectural signage can make an impact on patients’ safety. It should be ADA-compliant, customized for specific purposes, and well-designed for quick communication.

Custom Architectural Signage

Don’t let your company get lost among thousands of other businesses. Many stores have signs, but not all of them receive attention. If you want a one-of-a-kind sign design in NYC, Fortuna Signs can make it happen. Only the best architectural signage manufacturers can design and fabricate products that will stay vibrant for years.

Your company deserves architectural signage that will translate its unique identity. No matter the industry you’re in – retail, academia, healthcare, corporate or government facilities – there is a sign for you. Don’t waste the opportunity to be clearly defined and noticeable.

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