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ADA Signs

ADA signs have been ensuring access for people with disabilities for almost three decades. Currently, the New York state ADA signage regulations place financial risk on businesses if they don’t comply. It can cost up to $75,000 for the first violation and $150,000 for a subsequent violation.

Here at Fortuna Signs, we receive a lot of questions about ADA signs, many of which have to do with the specifics of the ADA signs in NYC. We are always happy to provide information on this topic or help you out with a quote.

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What is ADA Signage?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects against discrimination based on disability. Passed by George H. W. Bush in 1990, it included not only ADA signs but also employment, Internet access, transportation, etc.

All permanent rooms and spaces are required to have ADA compliant signs, which are conveniently located and easy to read. Additionally, they must have Grade II ADA Braille Signs – in other words, ADA tactile signs.

ADA Signage

Common examples of signage are:

  • ADA directional signs – for example, floors in a building or rooms in a hotel
  • ADA exit signs – very important for emergencies
  • ADA restroom signs – especially, for accessible restrooms
  • ADA elevator signs – in addition to visual signals, some utilize audible ones.

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Quick Guide to ADA Compliant Signs

ADA restroom signs and anything of that sort serves an important purpose. It’s important to learn what ADA signs are and follow up-to-date guidelines because you don’t want to exclude people from using your business.

Character Features and Braille Specs

When designing ADA signs, there are few things to keep in mind:

  • Letter type – must be upper case only.
  • Letter style – Sans Serif with no slanted styles or italics.
  • Letter height – 0.6-2 inches for raised characters and sized for viewing distance for directional and overhead signs.
  • Finish – non-glare for both characters and background, including metal ADA signs.
  • Pictograms on ADA signs must be raised, incised, or subsurface.
  • These characters need to be accompanied by domed Grade 2 Braille; in some cases – rounded but never flat or squared.
  • Tactile depth for ADA braille signs – 0.03 inches minimum from their background.
  • Horizontal and vertical cell separation for ADA braille signs – about 0.3-0.4 inches.

Even if you have custom ADA signs with funky colors, they need to be contrasting and able to be seen from a distance. Take a look at the ADA restroom signs below next to non-compliant ones:

Overhead ADA Signs in NYC

Even though overhead ADA bathroom signs, ADA hotel signs, etc. do not require raised characters or braille dots, there are still some specifications in place.

For instance, the design of such ADA compliant signs must follow the appropriate rules for ease in viewing. If the font is unconventional and decorative, you have to double-check if people can understand it at a glance.

Characters must be at least 2 inches with as little decorative elements as possible – remember that their first purpose is providing information. The bottom of overhead ADA signs must be 80 inches above the floor.

Also, when you place raised character ADA signs next to doors, you must be within the 48-60-inch height with an appropriate amount of floor space in front of it. Some of the most common usages for wall signage are ADA signs in bathrooms and elevators.

This is just a snippet of an extensive rulebook on accessible signage. For detailed design guidelines on New York state ADA signage, visit the Access Board website.

Creative ADA Bathroom Signs Ideas

Having ADA compliant restroom signs doesn’t mean they have to be boring. You can play around with concepts, materials, placements, etc. to create incredible looking ADA bathroom signs. You might have some ideas of your own or we can help you create an interesting design.

However, custom ADA signs should not be too eccentric. Make sure you are not offensive to individuals when reducing traditional signs of femininity and masculinity to abstract emblems.

A wooden take on ADA compliant bathroom signs

A minimalist approach to ADA bathroom signs

Is Your Business Up to ADA Signs Standards?

Most people know about elevated letters on ADA bathroom signs or those found in elevators. However, as you can see, this is not limited to ADA braille signs. If you want to become more inclusive and accommodate all your customers and clients, let’s discuss the next steps for your New York state ADA signage.

Fortuna Signs is always happy to improve your business with creative signage solutions. We offer custom ADA signs for various establishments and purposes. Whether you want stainless steel ADA signs, framed ADA signs, or any other idea that you don’t know how to execute, we’ve got you covered.

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